Guard Booths

Guard Booth

National Partitions Guard Booths are designed for the most demanding conditions. The walls are 3" thick with galvanized steel exterior on a polystyrene core

Product Benefits:

Portable, self-contained structures

Require electrical hookup only

Other Wall Types:


Recommended Wall-Core Types:


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Our Guard Booths feature an optional all welded steel base with forkliftable pockets for easy handling and a rugged diamond plate steel floor. They include 4" thick single piece fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) R-19 roof panels. All Guard Buildings are shipped as site assemble kits or assembled up to 94" wide.

Electrical Kit includes:

  • lighting for a minimum of 75 FC, one switch,  Duplex outlet(s) and a 4 circuit breaker panel.
  • All electrical components are flush mounted and pre-wired (bulbs not included).
Options include:
  • HVAC
  • Fixed or Sliding Windows
  • Extended Roofs


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