Industrial Applications


Success Story:

With an eye on flexibility and efficiency, a leading automotive manufacture sought an immediate and durable solution to reduce noise in their plant and expand offices for their employees without hampering its day-to-day operations.

National Partitions manufactured over 1,000 linear feet of our HiWall products to separate machinery from the plant, and PremierWall for the offices, and installed them in just six days.

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National Partitions is the leader in industrial applications with many configurable solutions designed to give you maximum control over the use and layout of your plant space.

Noteworthy benefits include:
  • Better sound deadening than conventional rooms, to create a comfortable work area even in the loudest manufacturing plants.
  • Stronger construction that's suited for an industrial environment.
  • Divide plant areas quickly and economically with HiWall up to 40 feet in a single panel design.
  • Double your space with two-story structures, while cutting floor cost in half.

The National Advantages:

  • Greater durability, sound reduction and superior fire protection
  • Shorter construction time
  • Fewer facilities interruptions
  • Respond quickly to desired size and shape changes
  • Completely moveable, all parts reusable.


Common Examples:

National Partitions has built hundreds of commercial solutions. Below, we've listed a few examples:

  • Application Rooms
  • Laser Rooms
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Environmental Rooms
  • Maintenance Rooms
  • Storage and Security Rooms


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